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60 Dram Flipz™ Child Resistant Pop Top Cannabis Jars

Cooljarz™ - 100% Made in USA

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60 Dram Pop Top Cannabis Jars.






  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $349.00 - Excludes 60 Dram Flips (8335 F)
  • Custom jar colors / labels available with 50,000 jar minimum order
  • BPA Free and FDA Compliant Food Safe Polypropylene
  • Factory Direct Made In The USA
  • Certified Child Resistant


  • Outside Diameter Top: 3.500" - Inside Diameter Top: 3.150"
  • Outside Diameter Bottom: 3.150" - Inside Diameter Bottom: 3.070"
  • Outside Height: 3.060" - Inside Height: 2.960"
  • Circumference / Label Area: 4.953"
  • Liquid volumes and contents area below final cap when closed
  • Ounce Measurement: 11 ounce
  • Drams Volume: 83 dram
  • Milliliter: 305 ml
  • Cubic Inches of Contents Area: 18.61 Cubic Inches
  • Cubic Centimeters of Contents Area: 305 cc
  • Box Size: 20" x 16" x 13"
  • Box Quantity: 85 pieces per box
  • Box Weight: 10 lbs. per box
  • Material: Polypropylene FDA Compliant & BPA Free


Please call us at: 714-602-2169 for a one-time easy OEM Account setup with our factory outlet customer service department. Original Equipment Manufacturer accounts only. Packaging must be used and resold with cannabis product inside.


If your dispensary, collective, or co-op is located in California, then make sure you are using 60 dram cannabis jars that are certified as child resistant by the consumer safety product commission. At CoolJarz™ we offer child resistant 60 dram pop tops, which will keep you on top of the regulations. The great thing about this packaging product is that it can be used in other medical cannabis states making it for great 60 dram medical cannabis bottles used in dispensary and collective packaging. Part number 8335 F in opaque is a great 60 dram flip top jar that is offered at great wholesale packaging prices.

This 60 dram flip top jar will hold up to 1/2 ounce of medical cannabis flowers. Our containers and bottles are airtight and odor proof, which will help ensure the quality of your product as well as the privacy of your patients. This airtight packaging feature will help MMJ medication stay fresher! And because we make our 60 dram flip top jars here in the USA from FDA approved, BPA Free polypropylene plastic materials you can ensure that your patients are storing their medicine in safe easy to use packaging environment.

Our industry exclusive shorter height and wider diameter makes our 60 dram pop tops with rounded bottom much easier to get all of the medication from the sidewall and bottom of the bottle. Our 60 dram bottles actually measure in at 70 drams. You get ten extra drams in our 60 dram pop tops.

Our dispensary and collective supply bottles are also made with UV blocking plastics, not offered in glass packaging. This opaque colored 60 dram cannabis jar is going to protect the THC levels in your cannabis, which will help the medicine maintain its potency.

Some dispensaries call our 60 dram cannabis jars squeeze sides below cap bottles, pop tops, bottles, and pharmacy vials but you can order them as 60 dram pop tops. This container features an attached hinged top that will pop up when pressure is applied to the sides. This makes our larger bottles a lot easier to handle than twist and push tops that may be too difficult for patients with debilitating conditions. With a wide 3-3/8 inch diameter by a 3 inch height that features a rounded inside edge of the 60 dram flip top jars that are perfect for any dispensary that needs to have a larger 70 dram bottle.

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