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6 Dram MicroFlipz™ Child Resistant Pop Top Concentrate Containers (25mm Series)

Cooljarz™ - Made in USA

  • $ 9500

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25mm 6 Dram MicroFlipz™ Pop Top Marijuana Containers and Marijuana Jars.







  • Less Than 10¢ Each
  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $349.00 - Excludes 60 Dram Flips (8335 F)
  • Custom jar colors / labels available with 25,000 jar minimum order
  • BPA Free and FDA Compliant Food Safe Polypropylene
  • Certified Child Resistant
  • Factory Direct Made In The USA


  • Outside Diameter Top: 1.100" - Inside Diameter Top: 0.850"
  • Outside Diameter Bottom: 0.840" - Inside Diameter Bottom: 0.760"
  • Outside Height: 3.000" - Inside Height: 2.900"
  • Circumference / Label Area: 1.321"
  • Liquid volumes and contents area below final cap when closed
  • Ounce Measurement: .74 ounce
  • Drams Volume: 6 dram
  • Milliliter: 22 ml
  • Cubic Inches of Contents Area: 1.34 Cubic Inches
  • Cubic Centimeters of Contents Area: 22 cc
  • Box Size: 20" x 16" x 13"
  • Box Quantity: 1000 pieces per box
  • Box Weight: 15 lbs. per box
  • Material: Polypropylene FDA Compliant & BPA Free


Please call us at: 714-602-2169 for a one-time easy OEM Account setup with our factory outlet customer service department. Original Equipment Manufacturer accounts only. Packaging must be used and resold with cannabis product inside.


Extract Oil Cartridge Flip Top Tubes P/N 2505 MF Holds 510 Threaded Cartridge 2.900 inches or less. CPSC oil extract squeeze open flip top tubes to meet marijuana product packaging are used in California, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona and other medical marijuana states. Fits all 510 oil cartridges including longer mouthpiece less than a total height of 2.900 inches long.

CoolJarz™ Opaque White and Black certified child resistant flip top 6 dram marijuana containers offer a sleek, child safe way to store your extended length 510 cartridge products for dispensary and recreational markets. These marijuana flip tops are Consumer Products Safety Commission standards certified to ASTM D 3475. Our 2505 MicroFlipz™ flip top tubes hold longer CO2 oil cartridges. These 6 dram pop tops are easy for adults to use and meet all current certified child resistant standards.

Only CoolJarz™ FACTORY OUTLET 6 dram pop top MicroFlipz™ oil cartridge packaging tubes offer an airtight seal that will ensure package security while keeping the public safe from accidental use. Another example of why our 6 dram pop tops are the safest in the industry is we use only recyclable, FDA-certified, BPA-free polypropylene plastic. This ensures that your cannabis end-product is not compromised by the outer package.  Be careful of product and material claims from offshore manufacturers that try to copy our marijuana flip tops packaging. We have the lowest price in the industry with our tier 2 pricing on our cannabis extract packaging and still offer superior quality marijuana flip top products.

You can trust products like our 6 dram marijuana containers made by Cooljarz™ with the Evolution™ brand name. All of our marijuana packaging products are made 100 percent in the USA with only US sourced products. Our marijuana flip tops are made in Irvine, California and sold all over the world. Our 510 packaging tubes are by far the most used cannabis tube packaging in United States where marijuana is legal on a medical or retail level.

You should only use the best if you want to be the best, so order your cannabis flip tops 510 thread cartridge tubes by Cooljarz™ today. The 25 mm series and 31 mm series were made so that almost any oil extract you want will fit the way they're supposed to fit. We can even customize inner tabs to fit your 510 cartridge. Make the call today to have the best solution for meeting ASTM D 3475 certifications while packaging cannabis 510 cannabis oil cartridges.

All Cooljarz™ MicroFlipz™ are made in USA from USA made color sources. Cooljarz™ Opaque FDA certified colors are always heavy metal free. We offer you only the best product branding 6 dram pop tops by Cooljarz™ CoolColor™ for branding your product. Our colors are all made with UV sun blocking opaque food safe materials to keep your product unaffected. Standard colors are white and black with custom high visibility product branding metallic colors available with orders over 24,999 pieces or yearly contract customers.

Add Cooljarz™ tamper proof shrink bands P/N 25mm SHRB today for a complete tamper evident 6 dram marijuana container packaging solution.

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