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Joint Tubes Pre Roll Containers - BULK PRICING

Cooljarz™ - 100% Made in USA

  • $ 3,62250


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Joint Tubes Pre Roll Containers Made In USA.





Part Number FlipTubez™


  • 0.820" outside diameter top, 0.550" inside diameter top
  • 0.600" outside diameter bottom, 0.520" inside diameter bottom
  • 3.720" height of outside, 3.620" height inside 
  • 0.820" cap diameter. 0.210" cap height
  • 0.944" outside circumference / label
  • Liquid volumes and contents with cap closed
  • Ounce measurement:  0.41 ounce
  • Drams volume:  3.25 dram
  • Milliliter: 12 ml with head space
  • Cubic Inches of contents area:   0.73 Cubic inches
  • Cubic centimeters of contents: 12 cc with cap attached
  • Box size: 20" x 16" x 13"
  • Box quantity: 1,250 pieces per box
  • Box weight:   15 lbs. per box
  • Custom colors available for your branding requirements
  • Material is Polypropylene FDA compliant BPA free
  • Polypropylene Recycle Link Click Here

CoolJarz™ offers an alternative to joint tube cone that fit 3 inch cones with our low cost wholesale pre roll containers sales page! Our part number FlipTubez is a popular little vial that’s perfect for storing pre-rolled cannabis medication and joints. We offer a high quality product and far more affordable than any other joint tube. Available in a clear FDA approved plastic our US made j tube cone packaging for paper cones are sold at wholesale prices. . Call us to place your order at 714-602-2169 or order your joint tubes online here.

Cooljarz  joint tubes will hold medical cannabis far better than other hinged lid vial bottles. Our J-Tubes short 98mm is perfect for a 3 3/4 inch pre roll. With a 3/4 inch diameter opening and a 3-3/4 inch height, our containers are perfect for a single dose joint or any other pre-roll. Another exclusive feature of this particular tube is its 1/2 ounce capacity, which is made right here in the USA. Buy our low cost high quality products and keep the jobs right here where we live.  CoolJarz™ can compete with Chinese cheap copy joint tubes right here with our USA made packaging.

Our low cost wholesale joint tubes pre roll packaging for paper cones are molded of light-weight and eco-friendly natural gas-based plastics—FDA approved polypropylene that is perfect for storing medication. When it comes to storing and packaging medication it’s important to have BPA-free non-leaching medical grade plastic and because we own our factories and produce our products right here in the USA we control exactly what goes into them. Our clear plastic is also made with UV resistance in order to protect the potency of your MMJ. At CoolJarz™ we use advanced technology that requires 20%-30% less material than our competitors and our alternative to the other joint tubes pre roll products are also 100% recyclable.

The Cooljarz™ Fliptubez 98mm x 3 inch tall cones and come with a great attached hinged top that is airtight and watertight, which keeps medication fresh. Our special sealing lid also helps to substantially extend the shelf life of your 420 medication for worry free packaging. Odor tight for secure storage and content privacy. 

Purchase your wholesale lowest cost joint tubes pre roll packaging for paper cones and provide your patients with airtight medical cannabis and watertight tubes that will maintain an environment that keeps medical marijuana fresh and secure. Call us at 714-602-2169.  As a reminder, when you purchase CoolJarz™ brand cannabis packaging products, you are purchasing factory direct. All of our cannabis pre roll packaging and cannabis flower packaging products are 100 percent made in USA.

For top shelf and longer shelf life, purchase our threaded airtight two piece rolled medication joint tubes.

Call for Tier 2 pricing as low as $.05 each.   OEM accounts only restrictions apply.

Do you want a special color ??????  Just ask by calling 714-602-2169   We are the factory and can make what ever color you want.

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