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Joint Tubes with Tamper Evident Point Of Purchase Hanger - BULK PRICING

Cooljarz™ - 100% Made in USA

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Flip Top Tubes With Tamper Evident Hanger

Our new Cooljarz patented point of purchase with tamper evident hanging tube.   Great for carts and pre rolled medications.  Molded in one piece so that cap is closed then hanging tag is positioned in center of cap detentes.  Labels describing product or brand identification is applied to the tab which makes for a perfect tamper evident package.  Hold 98 mm cone paper and just about every cart on the market.

Part Number FlipTubez HT


  • 0.671" outside diameter top, 0.564" inside diameter top
  • 0.620" outside diameter bottom, 0.550" inside diameter bottom
  • 5.000" height of outside with hang tab, 3.620" height inside 
  • 0.820" cap diameter: 0.440 " cap height
  • 0.975" outside circumference / label
  • Liquid volumes and contents with cap closed
  • Ounce measurement: 0.44 ounce
  • Drams volume: 3.5 dram
  • Milliliter: 13 ml with cap on, 11 ml with head space
  • Cubic Inches of contents area:  0.793 Cubic inches
  • Cubic centimeters of contents: 13 cc with cap attached
  • Box size: 13" x 13" x 13"
  • Box quantity:   450 pieces per box
  • Box weight:    8 lbs. per box

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