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Colorado Child Resistant Certified Packaging ASTM D 3475

Posted by Ken Loritz on

EARTHWISE PACKAGING / COOLJARZ™ now manufactures a complete line of CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) ASTM D 3475 certified child resistant (American Society for Testing and Materials standards) pop top bottles for Colorado packaged medical and retail marijuana. Our child safe pop top bottles are MADE IN USA with volumes of 13 drams, 19 drams, 30 drams and 60 plus drams. Precision molded from FDA compliant polypropylene polymer in solid colors to meet cannabis packaging laws for Colorado. We have the largest selection of certified ASTM D 3475, FDA compliant child safe containers. No one comes close to the child safe pop top bottle packaging selection we make in the USA.


Why Are Flipz™ The Most Popular Pop Top Bottles?

Certified to ASTM D 3475 child safe requirements of Colorado, Washington, California, Nevada, Arizona and other medical / retail cannabis states in the USA. Our FLIPZ™ certified pop top bottles also meet child resistant specifications for Canada.

Exclusive 60 plus dram size is designed with a patent pending for the sole purpose to package cannabis so that it is resistant to children under the age of 4 1/2 years. Our 60 plus drams is very easy to get all the contents out easily.

Made in USA with eco friendly clean natural gas based FDA compliant plastic alloys. Even our coloring is food grade FDA compliant and produced in the USA.

Factory direct Cooljarz™ and CRRXWear™ are sold thru distribution centers throughout the USA. If you want a special color or even want your own special size we can make the certified child safe packaging here in the USA for you.


Shorter Supply Chain

Shorter supply chain means smaller carbon footprint and a much quicker delivery. We can react to market changes very quickly. Long supply chains from China generate tremendous amounts of pollution. Buy it made in the USA and help save our planet from unchecked pollution from third world countries. It really matters.

High Returns On High Quality Airtight CHILD RESISTANT Bottles. We even beat the Made in China brand hands down. Don't lose customers because your packaging is inferior. Once you switch you will never go back to the made in China junk packaging. We can produce over 20 million child resistant containers per month.

High Security CRRXWear™ is a brand new revolutionary type of child resistant packaging. It is designed to keep the contents from young children, teenagers or even other adults. It consists of a lockable opaque outer sleeve and a clear inter-lockable inner jar.

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