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Airtight Weed Jars And Weed Delivery Jars

Posted by Ken Loritz on

Airtight Weed Jars And Airtight Weed Delivery Jars Best Wholesale Marijuana Jar Prices. Totally Discreet, Airtight And Odor Free. Best Airtight Jar For 2 Grams Medical Marijuana. 

Cooljarz Sealz™  P/N 4314 THDS comes in the coolest colors for your top shelf weed.  You can package in the best airtight weed delivery jar on the market. Nothing beats Cooljarz™.  You can click on any image or any blue text link on this blog page to go directly to our Buy Now page to get your wholesale marijuana jars shipped today.  These come in the coolest colors that are tinted or opaque for privacy of contents.  Want to keep everybody out of your stash? Then try a Cooljarz™  Lockz  key locking airtight weed jars. This marijuana jar will hold up to 2 grams of the very best top shelf buds.  All airtight weed jars are made in the USA from FDA compliant food grade BPA free polypropylene plastic.

These are the perfect airtight weed jars shipped from Irvine, California when you order Cooljarz™ P/N 4314 THDSThe best news of all you will buy at wholesale factory direct prices.



clear airtight weed jars

green airtight weed jars

 blue airtight weed jars

purple airtight weed jars

smoke airtight weed jars

The above airtight weed jars are shown with gold caps in the different tinted UV blocking colors that we stock and are ready to ship same day. The gold threaded caps have a double seal inside the cap just like a water bottle so you know they do not leak. They're also airtight and odor proof which will keep the marijuana contents fresh and private.  Use our gold caps to brand your medical marijuana as top shelf.


purple airtight weed delivery jars

clear airtight weed delivery jars

blue airtight weed delivery jars

smoke airtight weed delivery jars

green airtight weed delivery jars

Cooljarz™ wholesale marijuana jars above are shown with details of the cap and how labels can be affixed to the outer walls of the marijuana weed jars.  The polypropylene has a food grade anti-static added to keep the medical marijuana from sticking to the side walls of our airtight weed jars.


airtight weed jars

airtight weed jars

airtight weed jars

airtight weed jars

airtight weed jars

The Cooljarz™ photos above show both the airtight odor proof jar threads and the inner cap airtight sealing ring. Only Cooljarz airtight weed jars have this special feature.   Buy your first box of Cooljarz™ Sealz™ wholesale marijuana jars and you will only wish you had done it sooner. Your customers will love them!


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