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Weed Jars And Container Cooljarz™ Locking Lockz™ Road Trip Kits.

Posted by Ken Loritz on

Lockz™ Locking weed jars by Cooljarz™ CRRXWear™  This is the only locking weed jar that will keep your contents private.

Here is an image shot of our CRRX#2 Lockz™ which holds 2 grams of marijuana so that kids,friends and others cannot gain access to your stuff.  Click on any weed jars shown on this blog page to buy at our Cooljarz™ store.
Locking Weed Jars
Another image shot of our 2 gram locking Lockz™ part number CRRX#2 made in USA by Cooljarz™ The design of our locking weed jars make the contents private and discreet.
Locking Weed Jars
All of the Lockz™ product line has inner weed jars which keep the contents fresh and discreet.  Our CRRX#2 is a 19 dram and about the size of an average pill bottle.  The inner jar is certified for child resistance.

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