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Two Things All Dispensary Owners Must Know About Selling Vape Products

Posted by Ken Loritz on

  1. The Way You Package Your Extracts Matters

    • Child Safety
      • In the eyes of a child, dab can look like a number of things, honey, caramel, or something else yummy and edible. It is important that extract is not only stored in a place where kids cannot get to it, but also that it is packaging is child proof.
    • Save Money
      • When not properly stored, dab can get stuck or left in the container, which ends up being not only a waste of extract, but more importantly, a waste of money. To make sure that your customers can get all of their money’s worth, store the extract in silicone lined containers.
    • Preserve Freshness
      • If not properly stored, dab can lose freshness and potency over time. Make sure that your dab is stored correctly in an airtight container.

 Consider These Products for Your Extract Packaging:

  • Topicalz Child Resistant Marijuana Extract Wipe On 15 ml Oil Bottles
  • Shatterz Silicone Lined Extract Dabs Jar For Child Resistant Marijuana Dabs And Wax

  • Dram Silicone Lined Dabs, Wax, Shatter Concentrate Certified child Resistant Jars

  1. Extract Syringes and Heroin Needles look Identical to Law Enforcement

Believe it or not, but most needles used to for marijuana extract, don’t look too much different from Heroin needles at a glance. Why risk it? Get rid of the creepy needles and consider investing in quality extract syringes.

 Consider These Products to Replace Your Creepy Needle:

  • Cringe 1 ml or 1 Gram Child Resistant Syringe in a Bottle
  • Concentratez Wax Dabs Child Resistant Airtight Silicone Lined Jar For Extract Wax And Dabs

  • iDropper 15 ml Child Resistant Liquid Dropper For Extracted Marijuana Liquid Tinctures

CoolJarz is in the business of keeping your weed and extract fresh. Our containers are thoughtfully (and stylishly) designed to create a protective environment for packaging your marijuana products. For more information visit us online or give us a shout at (714) 602-2169.



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