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The Truth About Freezing Your Marijuana Seeds In Airtight Storage Jars

Posted by Ken Loritz on

Packaging marijuana seeds in airtight storage containers can extend the dormant life span of the seeds. Rule number one is keep the container as small as possible and full with seeds so that a minimum airspace is present inside the container.

There are a lot of varying opinions about the best way to store your marijuana seeds long term. Some say freezing is the best option while others argue that freezing will damage the seed and ruin its viability. Today we're breaking down the reasons behind both of these arguments and helping you to better understand the best practices for seed storage. marijuana seed storage 1305 thds airtight container


Freezing your cannabis seeds can negatively affect the viability of the seed if you don't follow some precautionary measures to ensure the optimal temperature and humidity of your seed. Assuming you're packaging and storing your marijuana seeds in airtight storage containers from CoolJarz™. When using SeedPodz™ containers, your marijuana seeds need to stay in a cool, dark environment. A freezer is just the place so long as it has a low moisture content and you don't change the temperature. This means you should never remove your seeds from the freezer until you're ready to use them.marijuana seed storage 1310 thds airtight container

When you do remove your airtight SeedPodz™ from the freezer, it's imperative that you do not open the container until the marijuana seeds have been brought to room temperature. If you do, then condensation will form on the marijuana seeds. This moisture will cause the seeds to kick start their germination process, using up their stored resources prematurely and giving you an inferior seed for your product. 

People who argue that freezing is bad for seeds and people who argue that freezing is the best storage technique are both accurate depending on how careful your practices are. If you're throwing your seeds in a plastic baggie in the freezer, chances are you're going to destroy the seed cell before you're able to use it. But if your marijuana seeds are safe in a CoolJarz™ airtight SeedPodz™ container and you follow the practices above to ensure an airtight, dark, and cool environment you can use this practice as a long-term storage solution. 

marijuana seed storage 1301 thds airtight container

The most important part about freezer storage is making sure you have a quality airtight container. Glass can break in the freezer, but our CoolJarz™ Seedpodz™ marijuana seed airtight storage containers are made of BPA free, FDA approved polypropylene that is safe and high quality for your product. With a crush proof design and airtight seal, there is no better option for your weed seed storage than with airtight CoolJarz™ SeedPodz P/N 1305 THDS and 1310 THDS. 

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