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This Poor Dog Has No (High)dea What He Just Ate

Posted by Ken Loritz on

What's a dog to think when he sees a yummy snack laying on the ground. He's to think it's a yummy treat for himself of course! This poor puppy found a snack that he wasn't quite ready for.

Watch as this poor puppy stumbles around falling asleep while standing out, unsure how to properly lay down. 

But let's be honest...we've all felt like this dog one time or another.

Although we all probably got a chuckle or two out of this video and a few others like it, leaving edibles and other cannabis products around your pets is a no-no. (Some even consider it animal abuse!)

So that this situation doesn't happen to your pup, make sure that you keep all marijuana products in an area where they are out of reach for your animals. You cannabis products need to be kept safe and stored away from all animals and kids to avoid situations (and potentially worse situations) like these.

CoolJarz has the best child resistant (and dog resistant) locking jars that are sure to keep your products safe from where they don't belong.

CoolJarz is in the business of keeping your weed fresh. Our containers are thoughtfully (and super stylishly) designed to create a protective environment for packaging your marijuana products. For more information visit us online or give us a shout at (714) 602-2169.

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