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Cooljarz™ Featured Product: 1 Ounce Flower Containers

Posted by Ken Loritz on

These 1 ounce large cannabis jars feature the CoolJarz™ push & turn threaded airtight seal and are 100% made in the USA. This 136 dram flower container is certified to Consumer Products Safety Commission standards and meets state regulations where ASTM D3475 is needed for packaging cannabis products. Our large cannabis jars will keep your flower fresh while keeping the public safe. The opaque black color blocks UV light and keeps the contents of your packaging hidden. Our products are all made from high-quality FDA certified BPA-free polypropylene.

CoolJarz™ only uses the safest materials. The safety and quality make Sealz™ CR the best choice when storing cannabis. The one ounce push & turn jars have rounded bottoms and extra large wide-mouth tops for easy removal of all contents. The center post keeps the cannabis flowers from shifting which lowers the stress on the cured cannabis. These features will package your cannabis product in the best conditions possible. All of our large cannabis jars are made right here in Irvine, California and shipped factory direct. Our airtight cannabis jars can also be ordered in a custom color to match your brand.

1 Ounce Flower Container Specifications

  • Part Number: 114 CR
  • Outside Diameter Top: 4.240" | Inside Diameter Top: 4.140"
  • Outside Diameter Bottom: 3.770" | Inside Diameter Bottom: 3.700"
  • Outside Height: 3.100" | Inside Height: 2.730"
  • Cap Diameter: 4.650" | Cap Height: .550"
  • Drams Volume: 138 Drams
  • Ounce Measurement: 17.25 Fluid Ounces
  • Milliliter: 510 Milliliters
  • Cubic Inches of Contents Area: 31.12 Cubic Inches
  • Cubic Centimeters of Contents Area: 510 Cubic Centimeters
  • Material: Polypropylene FDA Compliant and BPA Free

If you are interested in purchasing these 1 ounce large flower jars click here to purchase them directly from the manufacturer. You can also buy a sample pack if you can't decide what size you need. Our sample packs are all free shipping.

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