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The Best Marijuana Strains Use Cooljarz

Posted by Ken Loritz on

Most Best Marijuana Strains Use Cooljarz™ Airtight Weed Packaging.  Cooljarz™ Containers And Jars Are The Number One Choice Of Major Marijuana Producers and Processors.

Top marijuana strains use airtight Cooljarz™ to keep all types of marijuana buds, concentrates, pre rolled smokes, extracts. Click the image to buy the product online now.

Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, OG Kush, Green Crack, Girl Scout Cookies, Granddaddy Purple

Image of Cooljarz™ Product Line

Most Popular strains

Now that you have created a top marijuana strain or new cannabis product you must get the attention of the customer so they remember your product over all others.  You must stand out.  You probably remember Donald Trump when he made his immigration remarks. That made him standout over all the other candidates. People brand their names in the same way that you must brand your marijuana product.

You must redesign your logo and change to a high quality child resistant package with the use of colors to get the attention of the customer.  It is time to start your promotional packaging strategy.


Image of Sealz™ Child Resistant Certified Jars

 Most Popular strains

Image of MicroFlipz™ Child Resistant Joint Packaging

Most Popular strains

Image of Lockz™ Key Locking High Security Child Resistant Jars

Image of Flipz™ Pop Top Child Resistant Low Cost Flip Top Containers

Most Popular strains

Start your branding off on the right foot.  Use seasonal packaging to attract the customer so they feel like they got something extra when buying your product.  How about a concentrate container with a "trunk for their junk". The image below shows a very unique way to sell your concentrate with all the bells and whistles.

You can have your marijuana concentrate product packaged with unique graphics so that the package promotes trial. Once the customer buys your product with the unique logo and special package they will remember the contents inside the package.  Hope it is good because you don't want the customer to remember if it was not what they were expecting.

Watch The Video of Evolution™ Extract Packaging Here. 

Using Cooljarz™ Evolution™ extract packaging will make the customer feel like they got something special and useful.  Evolution™ extract jars with custom logo labels make your brand standout.
 best marijuana strains use cooljarzbest marijuana strains use cooljarzbest marijuana strains use cooljarz
best marijuana strains use cooljarzbest marijuana strains use cooljarzbest marijuana strains use cooljarzbest marijuana strains use cooljarzbest marijuana strains use cooljarzbest marijuana strains use cooljarz


Why does one brand outsell, demand better product placement on the shelf and make the customer feel like they purchased a product that is special?   Look at Coke,  The product comes in the same exact package as Pepsi.  Coke personalized their brand with people's names to make the customer feel selfie-centric and special.  Do the same with the Evolution extract packaging and create your brand on the label.

You have a popular strain so let Cooljarz™ help you make that stain into the best brand ever.  Packaging does not have to be ugly if you brand with Cooljarz™ innovative branding packaging.  We can brand your marijuana from start to finish. Just call us. 714-602-2169 and ask for Ken

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