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Is Lighting Up the Cure to Cancer?

Posted by Ken Loritz on

For years, the notion of Marijuana as a medicine has been fought and while it is currently considered acceptable for medicinal uses in several states, the possibility of cannabis as a true health remedy has lacked the respect, attention, and research that it truly deserves simply because of the extreme negative stigma attached to the plant.

Here’s some pretty huge news in the world of Cannabis and Cancer:

The National Institute of Health has recently announced that marijuana actually has a phenomenal way of attacking cancer cells without damaging healthy cells around them unlike the popular chemotherapy remedy that destroys any and everything in its path.

Where the main controversy lies is in the theory that medical professionals have been forsaking cannabis research in order to protect the huge profit-garnering pharmaceutical industry. But that is another blog for another time…

Cannabis oil is a very popular method amongst cannabis supporting cancer patients. Essentially what this oil is  is a high-grade strain of marijuana condensed into an oil that is 72% THC. (That’s a whole lot of THC)

Specialists are constantly revamping marijuana rules and figuring out how it can best be used for it’s medicinal properties, while still regulating it.

For example, What about using marijuana for pediatric cancers?

That is, what about marijuana for kids?

Meet Mykayla Comstock, the eight-year-old leukemia patient that uses Cannabis products every. single. day.

While there is still very little formal research that proves the curative power of cancer when it comes to cancer, more and more researchers are becoming more open to the possibility. It sure is hard to deny some of the effects that it has on some cancer patients. And look how happy Mykayla is?

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