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Can Working Out Be Enjoyable After You “Enjoy-a-bowl”?

Posted by Ken Loritz on

When you think of smoking marijuana, there are probably a few things that come to mind. You’ll probably likely think of how good you always sleep after smoking a bowl, how relaxed your body feels, or how you have the insane desire to consume everything even remotely related to food in your pathway. But there is a new activity that people are starting to associate with smoking pot: exercise.


But how?

How could weed and working out possibly go hand in hand?

Many frequent marijuana users are reporting that marijuana actually helps them to work out by allowing them to focus and really hone in on their workout activity.

“When I Get High, I Train Smarter and Focus on Form.”
Triathlete Clifford Drusinsky

Drunsinsky, tells Menshealth, he consumes marijuana on a daily basis before he sets out at 3 am to complete his rigorous workout routine.

According to Business Insider, Keith Humphreys, a Stanford Medical School Professor said, "We have cannabinoid receptors throughout our brains, and when the THC hits those receptors, it triggers a system that reduces anxiety," Humphreys said. This helps put athletes ahead by reducing external fears, pressures, and anxiety they may have about their performance normally, allowing them to focus only on the task at hand.

While some claim that the Indica strain of marijuana is most effective during workouts because it relaxes both your mind and body, others say that the Sativa strain is actually better because it increases alertness, focus, and mental stimulation. We suggest a hybrid for the best results. 

Men’s Journal also performed a study that showed reason to believe that Marijuana can also improve your metabolism and lower cholesterol.

If you’re still not sold on how productive one can be while high on marijuana, check out this hilarious Buzzfeed video:

While this was a drunk vs. high video, it still goes to show how truly functional and productive one can be after smoking marijuana. And you can still feel pretty great the very next day.

As always when working out, make sure that you stay hydrated and stay safe. Pay attention to your limits and listen to your body!

So the next time you get ready to smoke a bowl, maybe throw on some workout clothes and go for a run. Time yourself and see if you’ve made any improvements!

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