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5 Reasons Why People are Ditching the Brew & Lighting Up Bud Instead

Posted by Ken Loritz on

Every day, more and more people are deciding to ditch their heavy drinking lifestyles in trade for something that is a little more mellow…you guessed it- marijuana.

While we all know that they don’t provide the same effects, it’s no coincidence that people are retiring their full glasses of alcohol for a few puffs of weed. We were curious to see if there is any validity in this trend, so we did a little research, and here’s what we came up with:

1. No Hangovers

One of the biggest, more practical, reasons that we found recreational users are switching from alcohol to weed is that weed doesn’t have any terrible after effects. While you’re bound to feel a tad groggy after coming down from lighting up, it is no comparison to the splitting heading and insane nausea you’re sure to experience after a night out of taking shots with friends.

2. Overall A Healthier Option

In addition to negatively affecting bone growth and formation, alcohol has been proven to cause a variety of other dangerous health issues, the most major ones being liver and kidney disease, while marijuana has been known to do quite the opposite. Recent studies are even finding that the little green leaf may be the key to curing some types of cancer.

3. Not Debilitating

Sure, bud is bound to make you a little sleepy, depending on what strain you’re smoking, but it is nowhere near as debilitating as alcohol. Let’s just say you’re bound to make better decisions after two hours of smoking than an after two hours of drinking. No contest. On many forums such as, Reddit, people have reported that marijuana has "saved their life" after dealing with the consequences of multiple DUI's. Many people also find that they are more productive when smoking than normal. I don’t think the same is true for alcohol in any scenario.

4. Not As Addictive

While people enjoy the effects of marijuana enough to become frequent users, it has not been proven to cause dangerous addictions anywhere near the way that alcohol has. In many cases, Alcohol withdrawals can actually be extremely dangerous as well.

5. Less Long-Term Damage

Every year, in addition to thousands of diseases that alcohol causes, it actually kills 2.5 million people every single year. Cannabis doesn’t kill anybody.

So, what do you think? Thinking of ditching your Budweiser for a little bit of bud? Sounds like a smart choice to me. And while you’re at it, be sure to use CoolJarz to keep your marijuana products fresh and safe.

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