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Explained: OLCC Packaging and Labeling Pre-Approval

Posted by Ken Loritz on

The OLCC Commission will now be evaluating all packaging before use in consumer sales. It is time to stop relying solely on exit bags because they will be considered non-compliant one day. Colorado now restricts the use of exit bags and edibles can no longer be packaged in an exit bag if the edible packaging does not carry ASTM D3475 certifications. The most important rules for your packaged products are as follows:

  • Meet the standards for child-resistance
  • May not be attractive to minors
  • May not contain any untruthful or misleading information

Once the OLCC begins to approve packages a list of approved packages will be available on the OLCC website.

ASTM D3475 (child-resistant packaging) testing methods

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has published a guide on packaging. The OLCC does not promote or endorse any of the packages in the CPSC guide.

What does “attractive to minors” mean?

OAR 845-025-7000(1) defines “attractive to minors” as packaging, labeling and marketing that features:

  • Cartoons
  • A design, brand or name that resembles a non-cannabis consumer product of the type that is typically marketed to minors
  • Symbols or celebrities that are commonly used to market products to minors

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