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Low Cost 8 DRAM 1 GRAM Pop Tops Made In USA by Cooljarz

Posted by Ken Loritz on

Low Cost 8 DRAM 1 GRAM  Pop Tops made in USA by Cooljarz

Part Number: 3627F
Amount: 8¢ apiece or $40 per box
Quantity: 500 pieces

At CoolJarz™ we offer a great multi-purposed 1 gram container. These little concentrate pop tops can be used to store a number of medical marijuana 420 products. Concentrate and flowers will both work well in this tiny bottle. Part number 3627F is offered in clear plastic and with an industry exclusive anti-stick rounded bottom design. Priced to sell, we offer these MMJ containers at wholesale prices. A box of 500 individual pieces costs $40—or low price of 8 cents for each concentrate container. We also offer free shipping for all orders of $1400.00 or more so CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW or call us to place a packaging order for our 1 gram pop top container at 714-602-2169

1 gram container
Made in the USA directly from our Irvine, California manufacturing hub, our 1 gram container and concentrate pop tops are made only from the best FDA approved polypropylene plastic materials. The one piece flip top design is molded from FDA approved UV resistant polypropylene—a plastic that is permitted for the storage and packaging protection of 420 medicine. So help to ensure the potency of your patients’ medicine by offering a great American made packaging product. Buy containers that are made in the USA!

mmj containers made in usa
In accordance to California medical marijuana packaging law, product labels can easily be attached to the top of the lid of our MMJ containers for content identification. This attached hinged lid is also a lot easier to use than the twist-top and push down tops of most RX bottles, which can be very helpful for patients with debilitating conditions. It is also airtight and odor proof, which will protect your customers’ privacy. With a 1-3/8 inch diameter by 1-3/8 inch height, and a rounded bottom for easy medicine removal—CoolJarz™ carries the very best MMJ containers with free shipping.

At 8¢ per container you won’t find a lower wholesale cost pop top of such high quality anywhere online! Our 1 gram containers can be used by dispensaries or collectives for multiple purposes making them a handy little MMJ container to have on hand. Order your clear concentrate pop tops now by clicking the photo above. 500 containers for $40 is a great price! Call us with any questions or to place a wholesale packaging order for the 1 gram container at 714-602-2169.

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