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Cooljarz Bulk Pricing

Why we are offering this

Cooljarz new bulk pricing section features a collection of popular products in high volumes and incredibly low per piece prices. This section came about to fill a need for customers who want to go big and make a commitment to buy enough jars to last months, not weeks. If you want the best prices this is your chance. Read on for an explanation of how this works.

How it works

There is no free shipping for bulk pricing orders. Bulk pricing orders will ship on a pallet(s) via LTL(Light Truck Load). Shipping rates for LTLs vary day to day and state to state. After your initial purchase we will contact you with the shipping price. We will not ship out your order until the shipping price has been paid for. We apologize for the inconvenience but this is the only way to get the lowest prices we can offer.

Order Online or by Phone at 714-602-2169

If you want to avoid the double payment, you can call our sales department and ask about today's rates for the bulk order you are interested in. They can talk you through pricing and complete your order over the phone.