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Cooljarz Herbz™

Herbal Blend Jars Sample Pack

herbal blend sample pack

Cooljarz Herbz™

Herbal Blend Jars Sample Pack

  • $ 900


  • 1305 THDS - 1/2 Gram Liquid
  • 1310 THDS - 1 Gram Liquid
  • 2510 THD - 2 Grams Dry Weight Volume
  • 3312 THD - 5 Grams Dry Weight Volume
  • 3314 THD - 5 Grams Dry Weight Volume
  • 4310 THD - 7 Grams Dry Weight Volume
  • 4314 THD - 10 Grams Dry Weight Volume


Our herbal blend jars are made in USA from food grade FDA compliant polypropylene that is always BPA free and come in a UV blocking clear see thru plastic. These polypropylene clear herbal blend jars are perfect for displaying whatever is put inside. You'll be surprised at just how clear these jars are. Stop importing hazy jars from overseas and start by ordering a sample pack MADE IN USA factory direct herbal blend jars today.

Cooljarz™ Herbal blends sample pack contain the following clear jars with black double seal caps. Caps can be ordered in our custom Coolcolorz™ when you order 50,000 pcs or more. Free shipping on all herbal blend sample packs.

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