13 Dram Child Resistant Pop Top Jars (Flipz) BULK PRICING

13 dram pop top

13 Dram Child Resistant Pop Top Jars (Flipz) BULK PRICING


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Size 13 Dram
Dimensions 2.810” Ht. x 1.700” Dia.
Capacity 1 - 2 Grams
Box Quantity 500 Pieces Per Box
Material Polypropylene
Recommended Use(s) Flower / Edibles
Factory Direct Made In USA

Outside Dia. Top: 1.700" Inside Dia. Top: 1.300"
Outside Dia. Bottom: 1.250" Inside Dia. Bottom: 1.170"
Outside Height: 2.810" Inside Height: 2.710”
Circumference (label area) 1.966"
Fluid Ounces (with cap on) 1.50 oz
Fluid Milliliters 44 ml
Cubic Inches (with cap on) 2.70 cu in
Cubic Centimeters (with cap on) 44.0 cc
Box Size 20” x 16” x 13"
Box Weight 15 lbs / box

Offer only the best 13 dram pop top packaging in your dispensary, co-op, or collective. CoolJarz™ carries a large line of fine pop top squeeze to open medical jars and containers that are perfect for housing your fine products. Our part number 3634 F is a great child resistant pop top that can hold up to 2 grams of medicine! Call now to order your pop top containers dispensary packaging at 714-602-2169.

Our pop top containers for packaging medical have a lot to offer. They are made with FDA approved medical grade polypropylene that will help you to stay healthy—best of all they’re made right here in the USA. The plastic we use is also UV resistant which will help to ensure the potency of your flower herb, ensuring that you get the strongest possible medicine. This airtight and moisture proof plastic is a great quality of material and the only one you should use to keep your MMJ safe. Our medical jars are made in the USA.

Our squeezable top containers have pop open hinged lids—they do not require twisting, pushing, and they will not easily get lost. While these medical jars are easy to use, this is also a child resistant pop top. That means your product or medicine won't be accessible to someone it wasn't intended for.

This container is also known as a Flipz™ pharmacy medical container because of its rounded bottom edge that prevents medicine from getting trapped and caught in the usual sharp 90 degree angles of normal medical bottles. With a diameter of 1-3/8 inch and a length of 2-3/4 inch our 13 dram pop tops are the perfect size for 2 grams.

CoolJarz™ offers great wholesale prices on 13 dram pop tops dispensary packaging jars! Call us today to order your pop top jars with squeezable tops—714-602-2169.

Purchase airtight odor proof jars in order to protect your customers’ privacy. Order all of your dispensary and collective airtight packaging with us and save! Call us at 714-602-2169.

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