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Cooljarz Seedpodz™

Seed Storage Vials Sample Pack

crushproof seed containers

Cooljarz Seedpodz™

Seed Storage Vials Sample Pack

  • $ 1900


  • 1305 THDS - Holds 3 to 10 Seeds - 20 Pieces Included
  • 1310 THDS - Holds 10 to 20 Seeds - 20 Pieces Included


Order some seed storage containers in discreet opaque white. You will receive 20 containers that hold 3 to 10 seeds and 20 containers that hold 10 to 20 seeds. Seedpodz™ are small but powerful containers that hold 3 to 10 and 10 to 20 seeds.

Our crush proof seed packaging takes over where mother nature left off. You cannot package in a better crush proof seed container. Show your customers you really care that they get their seeds in the same perfect conditions as the day they were packaged into Cooljarz™ Seedpodz™ seed containers.

Seedpodz™ will increase the value of your seeds with our white opaque medical / food grade FDA certified high impact plastic. Look for Seedpodz™ when you want the best seed containers. Free Shipping on all Seedpodz™ sample packs.

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