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OLCC Recreational Marijuana Packaging And Labeling Pre Approval

Posted by Ken Loritz on

OLCC Recreational Marijuana Packaging And Labeling Pre Approval Vials, Jars, Pop Tops at Wholesale Prices Factory Direct. Brand your products in the best child resistant certified made in the USA marijuana packaging on the market.  The following information comes directly from the OLCC marijuana website. 100 percent made in USA.  Factory direct to you same day shipping.  Bulk quantity highly discounted prices available so please call with your requirements. Remember you should get the best child resistant certified packing approval and not rely on exit bags because they will be non compliant one day.  Colorado now restricts the use of...

Plastic Tins and Tobacco Chew Tins Buy Online

Posted by Ken Loritz on

Plastic Tins by Cooljarz Factory Direct Prices Order Now Online Here. Buy my plastic tins from my online Cooljarz store. Made in USA from BPA free FDA compliant polypropylene plastic.  Lightweight cheap and quick to package just about any product in.  These are by far the lowest cost  for rigid packaging.  Apply a label to the top, bottom and side for a professional packaged product look.  Side labels will make this plastic tin airtight if the label overlaps by 1/4 inch. Click on the image of my plastic tins to buy now on my Cooljarz online store.

5 Reasons Why People are Ditching the Brew & Lighting Up Bud Instead

Posted by Ken Loritz on

Every day, more and more people are deciding to ditch their heavy drinking lifestyles in trade for something that is a little more mellow…you guessed it- marijuana. While we all know that they don’t provide the same effects, it’s no coincidence that people are retiring their full glasses of alcohol for a few puffs of weed. We were curious to see if there is any validity in this trend, so we did a little research, and here’s what we came up with: 1. No Hangovers One of the biggest, more practical, reasons that we found recreational users are switching from...

How To Recycle Polypropylene Cooljarz™

Posted by Ken Loritz on

Cooljarz™ Airtight Odor Proof Marijuana Jars and Containers Made In USA  from FDA Certified Polypropylene (PP) Recycle Number 5 Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic polymer. It is a robust material that will resist strong acids, solvents and cleaning on the upper shelf of a dishwasher.  Cooljarz™ containers made from polypropylene can easily be customized with colors so that the finished product is opaque or translucent.  All Cooljarz™ colors are FDA certified and will not affect recycling the container. The material composition of a Cooljarz™ product can be found under specifications for that product.  Labels supplied by Cooljarz™ are recyclable polypropylene....

Can Working Out Be Enjoyable After You “Enjoy-a-bowl”?

Posted by Chip Cox on

When you think of smoking marijuana, there are probably a few things that come to mind. You’ll probably likely think of how good you always sleep after smoking a bowl, how relaxed your body feels, or how you have the insane desire to consume everything even remotely related to food in your pathway. But there is a new activity that people are starting to associate with smoking pot: exercise. What? But how? How could weed and working out possibly go hand in hand? Many frequent marijuana users are reporting that marijuana actually helps them to work out by allowing them...