BioMax™ Plant-Based Screw Top Jars

Choose sustainablity with our plant-based material, BioMax ™ a carbon neutral alternative to fossil fuel plastics.

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Plant-Based Jars

Renewably Sourced

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Our material is derived from sugarcane. The process follows harvesting the plant, extracting the sugar, and converting the ethanol from the sugar into a plant-based HDPE.

Lower Emissions

Lightweight Jars

BioMax™' lowers carbon emissions from its creation to how it is transported. Lower weight equals less energy needed to ship. 

Fully Recyclable!

BioMax™ containers are fully recyclable, similar to standard jars or bottles. Classified as #2 recyclables, they are among the most widely accepted and easily recyclable materials in the United States.

Buy Direct From The Source

Made in USA - Factory Direct - Bulk Quantities

All of the CoolJarz™ packaging pre roll tubes and containers are Made in The USA by none other than ourselves. We provide a factory-direct service based right here in Southern California with no middleman. CoolJarz™ is able to beat prices from abroad because of our top notch efficiency and low shipping costs.

Fast Lead Times

CoolJarz™ ships out all in stock items same business day if ordered before 11am PST.

Affordable Shipping Rates

We have affordable shipping rates through USPS, UPS, and Worldwide Express Freight.