Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We learned this phrase at a young age, but many have forgotten to practice this concept as adults. It's time to remember. In an industry such as ours, becoming eco-friendly needs to be a top priority. Here at CoolJarz we've decided to take it a step further.

Our story
Our mission

Environmental Goals

Our goal is to reduce the impact that packaging has in our industry. We know there are many ways to tackle this problem and we want to hit it on all fronts. We want to reduce the amount of plastics our industry uses. We want to reduce the size of landfills around the Earth. We want to recycle any materials we put out in the Earth. We focus on creating a positive environmental impact through streamlined operations, continuously engaged partners, and optimized, eco-friendly products.

Earthwise Packaging Brands

Plant-Based Plastic BioMax Jars

BioMax™ containers are made from sugarcane plants, making them a renewable resource that actually takes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere versus putting it into it. BioMax™ is a bioplastic that is near carbon neutral and has the same functionality as any other HDPE plastic.

Recycled Plastic

Plastic regrind is previously molded plastic material that has been chopped and grounded into usable granules for new molds. Post-consumer plastic plays a significant role in the efficiency of the way we use packaging. Plastic regrind  makes a substantial impact on the economic and production aspects of the plastic production industry. 

EcoLite Containers

Thinner, sleeker, line of polypropylene containers and tubes designed to use up to 50% less plastic than the leading pre-roll tubes and jars on the market. Less plastic used and completely recyclable, this line of containers can be repurposed for other uses. Food-grade quality, BPA-free, re-useable, and recyclable.

Meet Earthwise Packaging

Making a Change

There's an elephant in the room when it comes to the packaging industry. Large amounts of plastics have become single use and are being thrown out to sit in dumpsters and landfills. That plastic that ended up in the trash isn't going anywhere. While protective packaging is necessary for safety precautions in this industry, the amount of waste is not. That's why Earthwise Packaging has decided to make a change. We decided to create solutions to these problems for the benefit of all who live on this planet.

Socially Responsible

Earthwise Packaging is committed to socially responsible and ethical business practices towards our employees and for our environment in our daily and overall operation.

Environmentally Friendly

We continue to increase our selection of environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional packaging with our selection of plant-based bioplastics and PCR containers.


Every container Earthwise Packaging offers is fully recyclable as either a number 2 or number 5 plastic and offer post consumer recycled versions of our most popular products.

Through our determination to minimize waste and natural resource usage, we believe we can increase both recycling access and recycling rates while improving the quality of life across the globe. We feel that with our help, the world can become a little cleaner.

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