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Custom Shrink Sleeves – Cooljarz

Custom branding made easy!

Times have changed. It’s no longer an option to stick products in a sack and stack them on a shelf for sale. Today’s fiercely competitive, tightly-legislated marketplace demands you brand your products in compelling, compliant, cost-effective packaging that distinguishes them from your competitors.

6 steps to quick sales!

That’s where CoolJarz™ comes in. We’re not just a container supplier. We are a full-tilt, one-stop, total solutions shop for containers that comply, packaging that sells, and systems that put both together. Here’s a 6-step easy guide to getting it done:

Pick a tube.

Design a sleeve.

Choose label option.

Sleeve it.

Shrink it.

Sell it!

CoolJarz™ Custom Shrink Sleeves

  • • Economical 360˚ wrap-around shrink sleeves conform perfectly to all sizes of CoolJarz™ EcoLite™ tubes
  • • Designed for use with CoolJarz™ SST Shrink System for almost instantaneous branding
  • • Optimum packaging material for custom-designing, private-branding and individually naming each and every product in your tube-packaged line
  • • Ensures tamper-evident shrink seal on child-resistant, resealable EcoLite™ tubes
  • • Provides option to add fixed and variable compliance text to each product label
  • • Provides option to add MicroText anti-counterfeit technology to help knock off knockoffs
  • • Ensures huge cost savings by delivering high-impact, point-of-sale branding while satisfying tamper-evident, compliance labeling and knockoff protection requirements

Option 1

Custom-printed, fully-branded sleeves with no compliance label.

Option 2

Custom-printed, fully-branded sleeves with compliance label. Non-variable compliance text can be pre-printed upon order. Variable compliance text can be customer-printed with available CoolJarz™ printer.

Option 3

Custom-printed, fully-branded sleeves with dual-layer, peel-and-reveal compliance label. Inside layer can be pre-printed with non-variable compliance text upon order. Top layer can be customer-printed with variable compliance text with available CoolJarz™ printer.

15 Sizes Available!

EcoLite Tubes

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Custom-brandable. Inexpensive.
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Designed for use with EcoLite™ tubes for near-instantaneous branding.

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