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Pre Roll Tubes with Labels

Our strain sleeves make it easy to grow your business.

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4 Pre Roll Tube Sizes.

Choose from one of our four current pre-roll tube sizes and get the best deal around for any quantity ordered.

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Tamper-Evident Labels

Our professionally-printed strain sleeves come with a built-in tamper-evident perforation. No more shrink bands.

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How do Shrink Sleeves Work?

Without the need for sticky labels and shrink bands, our tamper-evident strain sleeves are as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Step 1: Sleeve It

Step 2: Shrink It

Step 3: Sell It!

What is a Shrink Sleeve Label?

Our efficient and affordable 360˚ wrap-around shrink sleeve labels conform perfectly to our EcoLite™ pre-roll tubes. Use them with our SST SE Shrink System for almost instantaneous branding. Our built-in perforated tear strip ensures tamper-evidence on every tube, saving you an extra step. Our sleeves ensure huge cost savings by delivering high-impact, point-of-sale branding while satisfying tamper-evident, compliance labeling.

What if I want a Custom-Printed Label?

CoolJarz has you covered. We offer full-service custom branding. Check out our services below.

Custom Design Services

Our team takes you from start to finish.
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Custom Sleeve Templates

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SST Special Edition Shrink Sleeve Applicator

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