100% Recycled Plastic Containers 

Now Available! Our popular Chew Can and EcoLite line of containers made from 100% Recycled Plastic.

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EcoLite Tubes

Child-resistant pop top tubes that use up to 50% less plastic than industry standard pre-roll tubes

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Carbon Neutral Plant-based Jars Made From Sugarcane Available Now!

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Concentrate (2000 x 2000 px) (1).jpg__PID:62ff53e4-b7f9-49f3-af98-fe1e1f8582d8

May Sale!
Concentrate Containers 

Take advantage of savings this month. All Concentrate Containers are On Sale All May!  

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SST Shrink Sleeve Systems

Instantly apply shrink sleeve labels to your pre roll tubes and containers, with no need for a heat gun.

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Shrink Sleeves

Custom tamper evident shrink sleeve label design and printing services for pre-roll tubes. No design experience necessary!

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EcoLite Tubes

Child resistant pop top tubes that use up to 50% less plastic than standard pop top tubes.

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ReGrind (1000 x 1000 px)-2.jpg__PID:4b0a0f47-d20c-4eb5-abb8-ce22dff8d945


Recycled Plastic Containers

Now Available! Our popular Chew Can and EcoLite line of containers made from 100% Recycled Plastic.

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Flower and Pre Roll Packaging

1.Pre roll_1200x1000-20.png__PID:ed3dcc98-1f3f-4bd3-90c7-6d933d8bd9e3

Pre Roll Tubes

Child-Resistant containers for joints and blunts of all sizes at unbeatable prices.

2.Vape Cart Tube_1200x1000-23.png__PID:458bed3d-cc98-4f3f-bbd3-d0c76d933d8b

Vape Cartridge Tubes

Child-resistant tubes designed to fit the most popular cartridge sizes.

3. Ecolite_1200x1000-24.png__PID:4f49458b-ed3d-4c98-9f3f-3bd3d0c76d93


Straight-wall squeeze-top tubes made with up to 50% less plastic.


Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable containers crafted from plant-based material derived from sugarcane.


reGrind Recycled CR Containers

 Child-resistant containers made from recycled plastic for eco-friendly and secure packaging.


Pop Top Bottles

Child-resistant certified bottles and tubes. Simply squeeze to open!

7.Nicotine Chew Can_1200x1000-16.png__PID:b1874991-9637-4193-9ae1-4f49458bed3d

Tobacco and Nicotine Chew Cans

Wide chew-can style containers used for everything from mints to chewing pouches.

8.CR Edible Container1200x1000-15.png__PID:49919637-a193-4ae1-8f49-458bed3dcc98

Child Resistant Edible Containers

Child-resistant edible containers designed for secure storage of infused snacks and candy.

new screwtops.png__PID:3d8beb8d-d80f-413c-833a-bd179c7f79ab

Screw-Top Threaded Jars

Screw-top vials offer airtight and odor-free protection for your products.

10. Foil seal screw top_1200x1000-01.png__PID:e862b187-4991-4637-a193-9ae14f49458b

Foil Sealed Screw Top Jars

Foil sealed jars provide tamper-evident security and maintain product freshness.

new flower packaging.png__PID:eb8dd80f-913c-433a-bd17-9c7f79ab24a2

Flower and Edibles Packaging

Secure and protective packaging for flower and edibles, ensuring quality and compliance.

12.Concentrate Packaging_1200x1000-13.png__PID:9755e862-b187-4991-9637-a1939ae14f49

Concentrate Packaging

Container solutions for concentrates that preserve potency and ensure product quality.

13.Hinge Lids_1200x1000-12.png__PID:f3c61169-eeff-4830-b069-5a6123ed0f86

Hinged-Lid Containers

Hinged-lid containers provide easy access and dependable closure for your products.

14. CR Push turn_1200x1000-10.png__PID:1169eeff-8830-4069-9a61-23ed0f861406

Child Resistant Push & Turn RX Jars

Child-resistant Push & Turn RX jars offer safety and reliable storage for medicinal products.

15.Seed Storage_1200x1000-22.png__PID:eeff8830-7069-4a61-a3ed-0f861406f27d

Seed Storage Vials

Specialized vials designed to keep seeds viable and protected.


ZipFizz Containers

Handy flip lid containers perfect for convenient and accessible storage of energy powders.


Child Resistant Syringes

Safety-engineered syringes ensuring precise dosing.


Food Storage Containers

Spacious containers with threaded lids and an optional loop for small locks

19.Lockable flower container_1200x1000-04.png__PID:23ed0f86-1406-427d-ad22-07c89755e862

Lockable CR Flower Containers

Secure containers with locking mechanisms designed to prevent child access.

20. 2nd Chance_1200x1000-03.png__PID:0f861406-f27d-4d22-87c8-9755e862b187

2nd Chance Sales / Clearance

2nd chance opportunities for our less than perfect and clearance products.

21. Sample Packs_1200x1000-07.png__PID:1406f27d-ad22-47c8-9755-e862b1874991

Sample Packs

Small packs of our various types of containers available to order.

new shrink band.png__PID:d80f913c-033a-4d17-9c7f-79ab24a2311c

Tamper-Evident Shrink Bands

Compliant tamper-evident shrink bands for your containers and pre roll tubes.

23.Custom shrink sleeve_1200x1000-02.png__PID:ad2207c8-9755-4862-b187-49919637a193

Custom Shrink Sleeves

Custom shrink sleeve label design and printing services for high-quality branding.

24. Strain sleeves_1200x1000-21.png__PID:07c89755-e862-4187-8991-9637a1939ae1

Strain Shrink Sleeves

Pre-printed shrink sleeve labels of the most popular strains on the market. 

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Containers made from recyclable plastic - including recycled PP and plant-based PE.

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Made from FDA-certified, food-safe, BPA-free, recyclable materials.

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US 16 CFR 1700.20 Certified, child-resistant, resealable packaging.

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