120 Dram Child Resistant Opaque Containers (86 Series)

86120 white opaque 120 dram / 3/4 ounce jar with lid off

120 Dram Child Resistant Opaque Containers (86 Series)


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Size 120 Dram
Dimensions 5.140” Ht. x 3.300” Dia.
Capacity 21 - 25 Grams
Box Quantity 384 Pieces Per Box
Material Polypropylene
Recommended Use(s) Flower / Edibles
Factory Direct Made In USA

Outside Dia. Top: 2.820" Inside Dia. Top: 2.760"
Outside Dia. Bottom: 2.395" Inside Dia. Bottom: 2.335"
Outside Height: 5.140" Inside Height: 5.080”
Cap Diameter: 3.300" Cap Height: 0.550”
Fluid Ounces (to the top) 15.00 oz
Fluid Ounces (to seal line) 12.61 oz
Fluid Milliliters (to the top) 444 ml
Fluid Milliliters (to seal line) 373 ml
Cubic Inches (to the top) 25.95 cu in
Cubic Centimeters (to the top) 444.0 cc
Box Size 20” x 16” x 13"
Box Weight (jars only, caps shipped separately) 23 lbs / box

These 120 dram lug-top jars are ASTM D3475 Child-Resistant Certified. State-compliance was our main goal when creating the 86 Series. You won't have to worry about the ever-changing state laws with these jars. They have a wide mouth for easy access and filling. They can be used with our new B-1 sealing machine to create an airtight and odor-proof clear seal. The clear seal acts as a window for your customers that allows them to view the product before the lid is placed on without loss of freshness. We recommend using these for flower and edibles. The product features for the 86 Series include:

  • Stackable design for less inventory area.
  • Thin-walled for a smaller carbon footprint.
  • Push and Turn lid keeps contents safe from kids.
  • Large flat cap for easy labeling and easy opening for seniors.
  • Art copy for a professional brand can be used for a finished shrink sleeve retail package.
  • Compatible with the B-1 sealing machine.

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