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Cooljarz™ Featured Product: Plastic Tobacco Chew Tins

Posted by Ken Loritz on

Made out of food grade polypropylene this American-made two-piece plastic can comes in two sizes. Our smaller size holds 1 fluid ounce. Our larger size holds 2 fluid ounces. With plenty of label space on the top and bottom of the can it is easy to customize your packaging. Side labels act as tamper-evident seals for added protection. Special PMS colors to match your brand can be ordered for a small color matching fee.

1 Ounce Container Specifications

  • Part Number: 1825875
  • Outside Diameter: 1.750"
  • Inside Diameter: 1.650"
  • Outside Height: 0.875"
  • Inside Height: 0.825"
  • Ounce Measurement: 1 fluid ounce

2 Ounce Container Specifications

  • Part Number: 2625875
  • Outside Diameter: 2.575"
  • Inside Diameter: 2.475"
  • Outside Height: 0.900"
  • Inside Height: 0.850"
  • Ounce Measurement: 2 fluid ounces

If you are interested in purchasing these plastic tobacco chew tins click here to buy. You can also buy a sample pack if you can't decide what size you need. Our sample packs are all free shipping.

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