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Cooljarz™ Featured Product: 13 Dram Pop Tops Jars

Posted by Ken Loritz on

13 Dram Pop Tops Jars By Cooljarz The North America's Premier Manufacturer And Distributor of Child Resistant Packaging Made In USA.

We can list all the reasons why we think our 13 Dram Pop Tops are the coolest wellness containers for your dispensary, collective or co-op. Like how they're molded with natural gas based polypropylene right here in the USA or how they are 100% recyclable and BPA-free. But we know you want to know more about how our pop top pharmacy vials will help your business stand out and your dispensary succeed. Here are a few ways our products work for you. 

Larger Box Counts - Our per piece price is the best price for the best quality so you get more product for your money. But in our exclusive CoolJarz™ 20" x 16" x 13" boxes we're able to package more pieces for you to ensure better storage, better shipping rates and even more product to stretch your dollar.

13 dram pop tops 
Airtight Design Keeps Contents Fresh - If your product is sealed airtight that means it will have a longer shelf life. A longer shelf life means less product wasted and less money spent long-term. 

13 dram pop tops
Rounded Bottom Design Keeps Customers Happy - While other jars have tight corners that trap valuable product, CoolJarz™ Flipz™ pop top wellness containers have an industry exclusive rounded bottom making it easy for your customers to scoop out their product. This is especially important for patients with debilitating conditions that affect their hands. Your customers will appreciate that you're looking out for them and return again and again! 

13 dram pop tops
Certified Child-Resistant to ASTM-D-375 - Even if you aren't legally required to carry child-resistant containers, we want to help you stay ahead of the curve. Your customers will also appreciate how easy it is to squeeze our pop tops under the lid to open, but how impossible it is for a child. All of our child resistant certifications can be found on our Cooljarz™ online store here. 

13 dram pop tops
Environmentally Responsible - Our 13 dram pop tops are 100% recyclable and molded by natural gas based polypropylene. Our molding equipment allows us to use 30%-50% material than other manufacturers minimizing our use of natural resources. By using our jars you're doing your part to eliminate as much environmental waste as possible while still using the best wellness jar products available. 

    13 dram pop tops

    CoolJarz™ 13 Dram Pop Tops are the best 13 dram marijuana containers with a squeeze open design. These are just a few of the ways you can put our pharmacy vials to work and help keep your customers happy. With the lowest per piece price for this caliber of jar, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of our free FedEx Ground shipping for orders over $349 and order your cool jars today! 

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