19 Dram Pop Tops Jars

19 Dram Pop Tops Jars By Cooljarz The World's Premier Manufacturer Wholesale Distributor of Child Resistant Airtight Packaging Made In USA.

CoolJarz™ now offers free Ground shipping for online orders over $420 in the continental United States! That means you can stock up on the best 19 Dram Pop Tops wellness containers in the industry and not pay anything to have them delivered to your door step! This makes your job worry-free, especially when our medical grade plastic jars are shipped same day on all in-stock orders placed by noon PST! We do everything we can to get our products to you as quickly as possible without any added stress.

 19 dram wholesale pop tops

Running a dispensary already requires enough attention to detail, but we want to help alleviate your work load! That's why our pop top containers are already certified Child Resistant to US 16 CFR 1700.20 so you don't have to  worry about child-resistant laws in your area. We stay ahead of the legislative curve so that you don't have to worry about it. Our jars also come in four solid opaque colors to help your products pop off the shelves and qualify for Colorado's laws. Let us take care of your packaging concerns so you can take care of your customers! 

 19 dram pop tops

Don't forget, our 19 Dram Pop Tops are airtight to keep contents fresh. The squeeze open design makes it easy for adults to squeeze under the lid to open. Our pharmacy vials are molded out of natural gas based polypropylene plastic that's medical grade, BPA free, FDA-approved and 100% recyclable! What's more, all of our wellness containers are made in the USA. What are you waiting for? Order your CoolJarz™ Flipz™ 19 Dram Pop Tops today!

 19 dram pop tops

19 dram pop tops

cooljarz 19 dram pop tops