30 Dram Pop Tops Jars

30 Dram Pop Tops Jars By Cooljarz™ The World's Premier Manufacturer And Distributor of Child Resistant Packaging Made In USA.

There's only one 30 Dram Pop Top you need to buy for your dispensary or collective: CoolJarz™ Part Number 5134F 30 Dram wellness container! Only CoolJarz™ pop top containers offer you the peace of mind that you're ordering the best quality while still offering the lowest prices!

Our per piece price for these jars with easy-open tops is lower than those other jars that aren't even certified child-resistant. Why waste your time and money on a jar that isn't going to work to sell your product? Why waste your time and money on a jar that isn't going to satisfy your customers? If you want to save time, money and build brand loyalty, order your CoolJarz™ 30 Dram Pop Top containers today! 


CoolJarz™ pharmacy vials are certified child-resistant to US 16 CFR 1700.20 and all of our certifications are available for you to view online before you even make your purchase. Whether your location requires child-safe packaging or not, you'll have the peace of mind that our wellness containers are already working in your favor. 


Just because we're the lowest priced pop top jars for products doesn't mean we sacrifice quality. Our Flipz™ line is made of BPA free, FDA-approved medical grade polypropylene plastic that's 100% recyclable. Our jars aren't just made in the USA, all of the materials we use to make them are sourced in America also. That means you won't have to worry about unsafe materials being put into our jars.


American-made products also mean American-made quality. Our 30 Dram Pop Tops have easy open tops that let you squeeze under the lid to open. Our hinged-lid design makes it so that your patients won't become frustrated losing caps that often don't screw on easily to begin with. This attached lid is also airtight so your contents won't be damaged by outside air. This airtight design also keeps odors contained, maintaining privacy while ensuring freshness. 

CoolJarz™ 30 Dram Pop Tops wellness containers are the perfect fit for your herbal products. Not too large, but not too small, these great quality jars are available for a low per-piece price right now at CoolJarz.com!  All Cooljarz™ are made in USA.

Update! CoolJarz now carries a new 30 dram pop top in our new Ecolite series of pre roll tubes and pop top containers. This new 30 dram container features a pop top design with up to 50% less plastic than other similar containers on the market.  Not only that, but its sleek design makes it compatible with our SST shrink sleeve applicator so you can brand your pop top containers with your own logos and design quickly and easily.