60 Dram Pop Tops Jars

60 Dram Pop Tops Jars By Cooljarz™ The World's Premier Manufacturer And Distributor of Child Resistant Packaging Made In USA.

CoolJarz™ 60 Dram Pop Tops wellness containers are large enough to get the job done that smaller jars just can't handle! With a diameter of more than 3", you can fit everything from large, flower to cookies in this pop top powerhouse! Made in the USA, you can always count on CoolJarz™ superior American quality and products. 

60 dram pop tops

Our 60 Dram Pop Tops Flipz™ jars are the perfect size to hold cupcakes or other edible treats. All of our pharmacy vials and wellness jars are made of BPA free, FDA approved, medical-grade polypropylene plastic so you don't have to worry about your packaging affecting the integrity of your product. In fact, CoolJarz™ pop tops will actually protect your product, keeping it secure and child-safe. Our pop tops are certified child-resistant to US 16 CFR 1700.20 so you won't have to worry about little ones mistaking your treats for theirs! If you like the size but pop-tops aren't your thing, check out our 60 dram removable lid containers!

60 dram white pop tops

If you have large, leafy flowers that can't be contained in smaller jars, our 60 Dram Pop Tops will be perfect for your product. With our medical grade plastic pop tops stocked in four cool opaque colors, you can ensure your product is safely packaged while popping off the shelf in whatever color best brands your business. What's more, our 60 Dram Pop Tops are molded of natural gas-based polypropylene and are 100% recyclable. You'll be helping not only your patients, but also the environment when you use any CoolJarz™ wellness containers!

60 dram green pop tops

The easy open tops of CoolJarz™ 60 Dram Pop Tops are perfect for patients with debilitating conditions because they simply have to squeeze under the lid to open. What's more, the industry-exclusive rounded bottoms help ensure your product won't get stuck in tight corners. CoolJarz™ offers only the best for you and your customers! To purchase our 60 Dram Pop Tops, Click Here! To learn more about our half ounce 60 Dram Pop Tops check out this post!

60 dram black pop tops

Cooljarz™ The premier manufacturer and exclusive distributor of child resistant pop tops made in USA.