Get Berlin Packaging Type Containers from the Manufacturers

Berlin Packaging is a national giant when it comes to containers and jars of many sorts. They perform logistics and distribution services for customers in need of packaging and many companies go through Berlin Packaging to get their supply of containers. However, some companies may not want to deal with a middleman, and instead, go straight to the manufacturer to get their supplies. One of these container and jar manufacturers is CoolJarz Packaging.

Benefits of Working with a Container Manufacturer

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There are a lot of obvious benefits to working with a manufacturer versus a wholesaler. For one, you're usually avoiding the margin the wholesaler raises from the manufacturer's price. This could save you a good amount of cash to reduce your cost of production for your products. However, depending on the manufacturer, this might not always work.

Some larger manufacturers have large minimum order quantities outside of the range of many smaller and medium-sized businesses. You may be getting a better price on supplies, but your business might not need a million containers at one time. However, a manufacturer like CoolJarz usually has jars and containers at a smaller minimum order quantity and still has the capacity for larger orders you would expect from other manufacturers.

It may also benefit you lead-time-wise when ordering from a manufacturer. A local wholesaler could get you the items you need quickly. However, if the wholesaler is out of stock of an item, you would often need to wait for the wholesaler to order more from their supplier and then send those to you. This process can become a nightmare if one, their supplier is overseas, or if the containers still need to be produced by the manufacturer.

Made in USA Packaging - Versus Made in Berlin

With CoolJarz, you're ordering straight from a manufacturer that produces all of their containers and jars right here in the USA. So not only are you getting a Made in USA quality product, you're getting them shipped directly to you either the same day you order or as soon as they are produced reducing any chance of a bottleneck in your production.

Get Berlin Packaging type Containers from the Manufacturers

CoolJarz Packaging is a Made In USA manufacturer of containers similar to many Berlin Packaging jars and bottles. If you are looking for a factory-direct supplier for your business, CoolJarz Packaging might be your answer. For more information about CoolJarz Packaging, visit our website and check out our containers and jars.