The CoolJarz™ Shrink Sleeve Machine

Shrink Sleeve Machines are useful equipment for applicating shrink sleeve labels. However, we believe the current shrink sleeve applicators on the market are either outdated or inaccessible for most of the industry. CoolJarz by Earthwise Packaging, are experts in creating packaging solutions that many small to large businesses face with their products.

The CoolJarz SST Shrink Sleeve Machine is one of those solutions. Our shrink sleeve machine makes it easy for businesses to apply shrink sleeve labels without needing the large amount of space required by other shrink sleeve machines on the market.

The SST Shrink Sleeve Machine - How It Works

The CoolJarz™ SST uses steam to heat tamper-evident shrink sleeve labels which binds them to product containers. Steam is the best heating method because it will evenly apply heat to shrink film without getting so hot you're damaging your product. This means your product is safe and you'll get less of those uneven bubbles and wrinkles that often occur with heat guns.

The SST shrink machine consists of the machine body, a water reservoir, and a steam head. After turning on the machine, the water within the reservoir will begin to heat up. Within 30 seconds, steam should be coming out of the steam head.

The steam heads of the SST have spiraling grooves that rotate the containers to get an even distribution of heat around the sleeve. Simply drop a container with a shrink sleeve around it into the steam head and it'll drop tamper-evident sealed and ready to go.

This shrink sleeve machine can work with almost any container as well because you can get a custom-sized steam head to fit your product. This means anything from lip balm to beverage containers can be shrink sleeved with this machine.

Our shrink sleeve machine's steam process is similar to traditional steam tunnels but in a compact, hand held form.

The Compact Shrink Sleeve Machine

The SST Shrink Sleeve Machine was built with convenience in mind. Many businesses either don't have the workspace to use those large factory line machines, or they're too expensive.

Our Shrink Sleeve Machine System is compact and completely portable. There aren't many shrink sleeve applicators that you can easily move and apply up to 20,000 shrink sleeve labels in one workday.

We mean it when we say use this machine anywhere. We recommend having 4 square feet of space to operate the SST shrink sleeve machine. This machine is quiet and doesn't heat the entire room so others can comfortably work within the same space easily.

Production Power of the SST Shrink Sleeve Machine

With the SST shrink sleeve applicator, you're not trading power for size. Within a single workday, you could easily apply tamper-evident shrink sleeve labels to over 20,000 products. Our video above shows just how easily this is achieved. 

Compare that to a time consuming heat gun and the resources needed for a factory-grade steam tunnel and you'll find that the SST shrink sleeve machine is the perfect middle-ground.

What Containers Work with The SST Shrink Sleeve Machine?

What's great about our shrink sleeve machine is that we built it as a solution for businesses who need the use of a high powered steam tunnel for their products but don't want to pay the price of traditional steam tunnels.

This is because we want industries of all kinds to use our shrink sleeve machine. With our custom steam heads, the possibilities are endless. Our shrink sleeve machines can work with beauty industry products to apply full-body sleeves for lip balms, makeup, cosmetics. Or within the food and beverage industry with full body, partial body, or tamper evident bands for different sized bottles, cans, snacks. CoolJarz™ is a company of engineers who understand how to create these solutions for you.

CoolJarz™ SST Shrink Sleeve Machine 

The CoolJarz™ SST Shrink Sleeve Machine is a game-changer for many businesses looking to streamline their production. Getting full body shrink sleeve labels applied to your products can now be a quick and easy process, saving you lots of time and money.

Our Shrink Sleeve Machine was made with accessibility in mind. Whether you're in the food industry, personal care, or cosmetics, our shrink sleeve machine might be perfect for your products. To get an SST shrink sleeve machine for yourself, check out the rest of our website. If you have any questions about the SST or our packaging products in general, Contact Us! We'll be happy to help.