The Semi Automatic Cartridge Filler With Near Zero Waste

If you're in the vaporizer or cartridge industry you know the process of filling cartridges can be kind of tedious. Depending on the equipment you have, you could be spending hours for just a couple hundred 510 carts.

Speed is one of the most important factors for cartridge fillers but another aspect we look at is "travel." Now, what is travel? Travel is the distance "traveled" between your distillate reservoir, into your cartridges. Travel becomes a huge issue amongst many automatic vape filler machines due to the waste of longer travel distances. We at CoolJarz have created a cartridge filler that is fast, efficient, and with hardly any travel known as the Hotshot Cartridge Filling Machine.

The CoolJarz Hotshot 1500 Cartridge Filling Machine


Our Hotshot™ cartridge filler is a top of the line cart filler that can increase your cartridge production to new levels. We've taken the best aspects of automation from some of those big box cartridge fillers and the control of a manual hand filler and created a device that optimizes speed and efficiency. This is how the Hotshot beats the competition.

A Cartridge Filler with Nearly Zero Waste

510 cartridge filler machine

Many automatic and semi-automatic cartridge fillers have been created with certain important factors in mind but the amount of distillate wasted seems to go overlooked with many of them.

As mentioned above, waste often occurs due to a long travel between your oil reservoir and the filling needle of many cartridge fillers. The Hotshot passes distillate oil straight from the reservoir to a short valve connected to the needle dispensing your oil.

We've decided this method was best because other cartridge filler machines on the market were using long tubes often a couple of feet long to dispense distillate oils and getting stuck in between.

When pushing oil between your reservoir and needle, you want as little travel as possible. This is because pressure is required to move the oil. When your travel is long you need a larger minimum amount of oil to fill your tube. Imagine using a straw when you're running out of liquid to drink. It just doesn't work.

Precision Cartridge Filler

Our cartridge filler has very little travel to prevent waste but how else is it preventing waste from occurring? Well, we've made our vape filler as smooth as possible when operating. How so? Filling your carts and pods requires only the press of a button to get the perfect amount.

With the Hotshot filling machine, you can set the exact amount you want per shot and dispense the oil with the press of a button. We provide the option to make shots anywhere between as little as .33 ml to 1 ml through a settings menu. This is important as some cartridge fillers on the market have a minimum of 1 ml and cannot fill .5ml cartridges.

This distillate filler machine also works with a wide range of oil viscosities including distillate as thick as honey. The Hotshot filler machine has 3 viscosity settings to choose from to best suit your oils. These are Olive Oil, Glycerine, and Honey. Another important factor when choosing fillers because many on the market have trouble or just cannot do high viscosity oils like honey. No problem for the CoolJarz Hotshot though! Choosing the setting most similar to your oil will make for the most accurate settings.

Another important feature of the Hotshot is its stability when operating. No more having to carefully hold a syringe and try to aim and shoot into small 510 cartridges hoping you don't accidentally miss.

The Hotshot 1500 can be placed on a small desk or table and you just need to bring the cartridges to the needle. However, there's no need to pick up each cartridge one by one, our cartridge filler comes with a speed tray made to fit the vendor-supplied foam blocks that ccell cartridges often come in.

This makes it easier to steadily hold your cartridges while filling them and since it only requires the press of a button, there are no awkward movements you have to perform.

One of the Fastest Cartridge Fillers on the Market

With the precision of the Hotshot 1500 also comes speed. Our single tick design combined with our speed tray has made this one of the fastest semi-automatic cartridge fillers on the market.

The amount of control and automation combined with the Hotshot allows for fast cartridge filling like no other. So much so that we believe you can fill up to 12,000 carts in a single workday. Check out this video on how it's done.

The single tick method, combined with our speed tray makes filling large amounts of carts easy, and switching filled carts out and empty ones in takes only seconds. Another benefit to the Hotshot filler machine though is its 1 liter oil tank.

Certain cartridge filling machines constantly have to be refilled due to their small oil carrying capacity. Popular syringe gun filler machines can only carry up to 25ml of oil. Compare that to the 1000ml carrying capacity of the Hotshot's oil tank.

Best of all, you get two of them included when purchasing. This means if you want to quickly switch oils, you just have to unlock the tank, switch the tanks out, and you're ready to heat up the new oil. Switching tanks can also be done in under a minute so there's no hassle.


There are a lot of cartridge filler machines on the market but not many of them can efficiently dispense oil distillate with speed and precision. That's why the Hotshot oil filling machine is one of the best cartridge fillers on the market. If you would like to get a Hotshot Machine for yourself, click here!

If you have any questions about the CoolJarz Hotshot or any of CoolJarz other products, Contact Us! We'll be happy to help!