Where to Get Wholesale 11 Dram Bottles (1.5 Gram)

11 Dram bottles and containers are the perfect size for distributing small amounts of flower or small edibles. They give just enough space to hold a little over a gram without having to stuff the flower in there. They're also small enough to comfortably fit in your pocket if needed.

If you're a distributer in need of 11 dram pop top containers, CoolJarz is one of your best options. All of our containers are made by us right here in the USA. This means low prices and fast shipping times for all your orders.

Our stock 11 dram pop top bottles come in an opaque white, black, green, and purple but we also color match pantone colors for custom orders as well. CoolJarz is all about helping companies develop their own unique brand with us.

About Our 11 Dram Containers

Wholesale 11 Dram (1.5 gram) Pop Top Bottles astm child resistant

Our 11 dram containers are like nothing else on the market for this size. We've made these bottles short and wide to hold everything from flower to small edibles. The wide mouth makes it easy to pick out the contents without having to empty out the whole container.

The design is more discreet than your typical pill bottle style rx containers that are popular. These dram bottles are also opaque to further hide the contents of within.

The pop top style lids makes these 11 dram bottles child resistant but also easy for adults to open with a simple squeeze making them state compliant.

Child Resistant US 16 CFR 1700.20 Certified Wide Pre-Roll Tubes

Our 11 dram bottles are state compliant, and US 16 CFR 1700.20 certified.  Our containers are also FDA approved and do not contain BPA's. We make our products with such high quality so our customers have peace of mind knowing their packaging is legal for sale. Our bottles are Food Grade FDA Approved to make them safe for edibles and gummies as well as reusable.

We've even made sure they were odor-proof as well as opaque to protect consumer discretion.

Buy Factory-Direct And Made in The USA Pop Top 11 Dram Bottles

Wholesale 11 Dram (1.5 gram) Pop Top Bottles astm factory direct

Our 11 dram pop top bottles are factory direct and made in the USA. Our factory is located in Tustin, Southern California and we ship directly from here to you. Our products are quickly restocked and shipped quickly because we can keep up demand that other packaging companies can't.

CoolJarz prefers to sell our containers in as large of quantities as possible and we reward those who need larger quantities. We offer wholesale, bulk discounts on all of our products, including the 11 dram pop top bottle.

Various Pre-Roll Sizes and Colors Available

various pop top pre-roll containers

The 11 dram pop top container is one of our most popular pop top bottles but we also offer a wide variety of joint tubes available in different sizes and colors. This includes our 116mm pre-roll tube which is the perfect size for joints and blunts. We also have a 98mm wide tapered pre-roll tube that can fit multiple standard sized joints.  Our Eco-lite line of bottles and tubes uses about 50% less plastic than most other pre-roll containers on the market. Obviously, we have quite the selection of bottles and tubes.

Tamper Evident Shrink Bands Available for 11 Dram Containers

Wholesale 11 Dram (1.5 gram) tamper evident shrink bands

Many legal states require a tamper-evident shrink band on top of their packaging. If you're getting an 11 dram container and worry about getting shrink bands for them no problem, we have some right here.

CoolJarz has even developed a way to quickly apply tamper-evident shrink bands much faster than a traditional heat gun. We did this with our SST shrink sleeve label machine.

This shrink sleeve machine uses steam's heat to shrink these popular tamper evident bands, evenly and quickly. Using it is as simple as dropping a bottle down a tube. Much more convenient than traditional heat guns.

Where to get 11 Dram Pop Top Bottles

Wholesale 11 Dram (1.5 gram) Pop Top Bottles

These 11 dram pop top containers are a great pop top for flower and edibles. To get wholesale bulk 11 drams of your own, click here.

If you need other colors, sizes, or just about anything related to flower and cartridge packaging, explore the rest of our website. Finally if you have any questions, Contact Us! We’re happy to answer anything you need.