Where to get Wholesale Dab Concentrate Containers

Concentrate containers are used to hold concentrates known as wax, dabs, or shatter. There are a lot of names for concentrates and they take on as many forms as there are labels for them. However, they all pretty much use and need the same packaging.

Most dab concentrates can become very sticky and this poses a problem for regular plastic containers that don't have non-stick properties. For this reason, many opt to store wax in glass containers. However, this can get costly in large amounts.

That's why CoolJarz creates our plastic concentrate containers with special lubricant to prevent the glycerin from overly sticking, making it less costly to distribute concentrates while still getting a fully functional wax container.

We create our shatter containers ourselves right here in Southern California. We are constantly in stock because we're always producing more and shipping them directly to you. We offer quantities as small as a single box full to truckloads if necessary. There's a lot that goes into these little containers so let's check them out.

All About Our Concentrate Containers

CoolJarz has a wide variety of crumble concentrate containers including multiple sizes, colors, and (CR) child resistant options. Many consumers prefer specific containers for their individual advantages which is why we've decided to have such a wide range to choose from.

An example of this would be one of our most popular concentrate containers, the transparent clear screw top 7ml container. This budder container is simple, non-stick, and transparent so you can see the shatter from the outside. We've lubricated the inside so concentrate threads never bind up.

A similar option we also offer is a transparent 7ml screw top with a black cap instead and a foil seal. The foil seals provide extra protection for honey concentrates and are easily applicable with one of our hermetic sealer machines.

We have even more options as well including a pop top selection, eco-lite containers, syringes, and silicon containers.

Child Resistant Certified Concentrate Containers

Wholesale Dab Concentrate Containers made in usa astm

Cooljarz dab concentrate containers are state compliant, and US 16 CFR 1700.20 certified. We do this so our partners products are more easily made legal for sale. Our containers are also FDA approved and do not contain BPA's. This makes them safe for consumers to use, re-use, as well as repurpose if wanted. We have a variety of options for CR child resistance as well to fit the customers preference.

Buy Factory-Direct And Made in The USA Wax Concentrate Containers

All of our dab concentrate containers are made by us right here in the USA. Cooljarz production factory is located in Tustin, Southern California. We also ship directly from here so you're getting your containers as quickly as possible. No need to wait for inventory to arrive from resellers, you're buying factory direct right next door.

Where To Get Wholesale Dab Concentrate Containers

Wholesale Dab Concentrate Containers wax honey glycerine

Dab Concentrates have skyrocketed in popularity as of recently and we predict that trend to continue.  You're going to want to make sure you're getting a great deal on your wholesale concentrate containers. To get made in the USA, inexpensive, honey concentrate containers, click here!

If you need other colors, sizes, or just about anything related to pre-roll and cartridge packaging, explore the rest of our website. Finally if you have any questions, Contact Us! We’re happy to answer anything you need.