Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Contact: Rich Morgan

Contact Email:

Program Description

CoolJarz is the world’s leading provider of USA Made packaging, branding and machines. CoolJarz is 100% designed, engineered and produced in the USA in Tustin, CA. CoolJarz works with everyone from the smallest mom and pop dispensary to the largest distributors in both the USA and internationally.

Benefits of the CoolJarz Affiliate Program:

  • 5% Commission on Every Sale
  • 30-Day Cookie
  • High Conversion Rates
  • High Average Order Ticket
  • Top Selling Packaging and Machines
  • FDA Compliance, US 16 CFR 1700.20 certified, BPA free plastics
  • Always in Stock, We are the Manufacturer
  • Dedicated Internal Customer Service Team
  • Strong Marketing Support to Increase Customer Conversions and Increase your Commissions
  • Dedicated In-House Affiliate Management Team
  • No Restrictions on Product Categories or SKUs - You Earn the Same on Everything We Sell on our website.

PPC: Affiliates may not bid on trademark, trademark plus or any misspellings of the brand name.

Action Criteria: Sale

Action Commission: 5.00%

Referral Occurrences: Unlimited

Exclusions: Custom products or Custom sleeves. The CoolJarz Affiliate program is not designed for existing or new customers to be used as a discount program.

Coupons: The use of fraudulent coupons, coupon codes, deals, promotions or any other bait and switch techniques will not be tolerated from our affiliates. The use of the previously mentioned tactics can get your commission voided and / or your account suspended/deleted. You can promote our official coupons found here .  Please note that these terms and conditions can be updated at anytime without notice.