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Cooljarz™ F-15 Sealer Hermetic Sealing Machine for Sealz™ FOIL


  • $ 29900
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F-15 Sealing / Welding machine for all Cooljarz™ hermetically sealed foil lined caps.

PART NUMBER - F-15 Sealer

The easiest and most professional airtight, odor proof, tamper proof and barrier packaging ever.

Hand wand applicator will weld any Cooljarz™ Sealz™ jar to our foil cap liners. Our welder has been developed for our caps to provide superior adhesion between our polypropylene jars and aluminum foil / poly lined seal within the cap. This results in superior hermetic performance in any high demand herbal, food or medical product environment.

Typical welding cycles range from 2 seconds to 4 seconds in time. The Cooljarz™ brand Sealz™ jars with hermetic sealed caps are by far the best professional packaging for the medical cannabis and recreational cannabis providing long term tamper proof safety, extended product storage time with maximum product freshness and total product odor proof privacy.

Easy for just about any employee to operate. Follow the Cooljarz™ product welding guidelines located on the machine welding platform. Takes seconds to change weld time or power settings located on the front of the welding machine. Try the Cooljarz™ Sealz™ and watch your brand take off.

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