Where to Get Custom Pre-Roll Labels

Official branding for pre-rolls has become a new norm in our industry. Gone are the days of distributing your joints and blunts in faceless containers. Like any other product, pre-rolls need branding to accurately let your customers know just who they're getting their products from. This is great news for dispensaries and manufacturers because it helps create a customer product relationship that will have them coming for more.

In many states in the US, it has even become a requirement by law to provide a label when distributing pre-rolls so they can include a warning and tamper evidence. With labels already so important in not only normal products, it's even more so with products that are hard to differentiate such as pre-rolls.

If you don't have your own custom label for your pre-roll tubes or containers, no worries, CoolJarz has you covered.

Custom Shrink Sleeve Labels

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CoolJarz creates pre-roll packaging from start to finish, covering every base besides the joints themselves. We have the pre-roll tubes and can help you get your custom designed branded shrink sleeve labels for them. 

Shrink sleeve labels are similar to shrink bands in that they can provide a tamper-evident seal on your container but can also be printed with about any design you would like to get your products brand out there. 

They also cover much more real estate than your traditional sticker labels. This allows extra room for compliance text, and more intricate designs to go along your containers. Not only that, but with the right tool, applying shrink sleeve labels can be faster and easier than sticker labels as well.

Custom Label Design Services

Custom Label Design Services for doob tubes and pre-roll tubes

You don't have to be a graphic designer to get custom labels printed with CoolJarz. In fact, we can create a whole label design from scratch for you if needed. If you are a graphic designer that makes the process easy as well. We provide templates on our website for our most popular pre-roll tubes and containers where you can see how your design would fit. 

If you have a container not listed in one of our templates, no worries we can create a template for your tube. We would just need the dimensions of your container to make one. 

Once you've sent in your design. We would then review the proof and see if it's good to go and then once everything is approved and paid for, we can print them and have them shipped to you.

If you aren't a designer and would like help creating a design, no problem, we have a team that will generate designs for you based on any ideas you have. You can then choose from your favorite ones and can make revisions where necessary.

Here at CoolJarz, we try to make our custom label design services as easy as possible to fit suit all of our partners.

Applying Your Labels With a Shrink Sleeve Machine

Once you have your labels, you'll be eager to start applying them onto your containers. However, the process of applying labels in large quantities can take long without the right equipment. That's why CoolJarz has developed our very own pre-roll label shrink sleeve machine to make the application process quick and easy.

Our shrink sleeve label machine makes applying shrink sleeve labels as easy as dropping them down a tube, which is our actual process. With this method, you'll be able to sleeve thousands of pre-roll containers a day with no problem.


Your product's packaging is one of the biggest components of it. The label and tube isn't just the container for your product, it's the product itself. That's why CoolJarz packaging puts such an emphasis on the quality of pre roll containers. We want people to know your products are of high quality as well.

Getting a custom label for your pre-roll tubes is an important step in having a legitimate product. Cooljarz custom design services makes the process easy for you. To check them out, click here. If you have any questions, would like more information, or would like to request a quote, Contact Us! We'll be happy to help.