HotShot™ Cartridge Filler

The HotShot™ Cartridge Filler Series offers fast, consistent performance, making it ideal for high-volume production. 

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The HotShot™ Cartridge Filler


HotShot™ Cart Filling Machine

Cooljarz HotShot™ Cartridge Filler Series are compact precision filling machines for oils and concentrates. Fill any cartridge, vape pen or syringe, mess-free, with as little waste as possible. 


Thick Concentrate Filler

The HotShot™ 1500 excels in handling all types of concentrates, delivering exceptional performance and precision. Whether you're working with thick oils, waxes, or other viscous materials, the HotShot™ 1500 ensures smooth, consistent fills every time.


Save Product and Money

CoolJarz Packaging cartridge filling machines have some of the shortest oil travel paths in the industry which makes for nearly zero waste. Each tank is designed to flow through a short valve straight into the filling needle.

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All of the CoolJarz™ packaging pre roll tubes and containers are Made in The USA by none other than ourselves. We provide a factory-direct service based right here in Southern California with no middleman. CoolJarz™ is able to beat prices from abroad because of our top notch efficiency and low shipping costs.

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CoolJarz™ ships out all in stock items same business day if ordered before 11am PST.

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